Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Christine's Photo Shoot {Day 1}

Last September I enlisted the help of a dear friend to model for a digital photography project at school. I've been a little slow on the uptake, but I'm starting to edit them more and more. I will share with you the exact methods I used to edit each photo, and even offer you the Photoshop file so you can see the layers and all that good stuff for yourself!


Shower Us In Light
by Katie Hunter {featuring model Christine Hooley}

How I made it:

This is the original, untouched photo I started with:
  1. Add a Brightness/Contrast Adjustment Layer using these settings:
    - Brightness: +29
    - Contrast: +9
  2. Using a basic brush (medium hardness/softness), color with black over the part of the image without the model. This will mask out the brightness and contrast adjustment so the model becomes a greater focal point.
  3. Add a Black & White Adjustment Layer using these settings:
    - Red: 40%
    - Yellows: 60%
    - Greens: 40%
    - Cyans: 60%
    - Blues: 20%
    - Magentas: 80%
  4. Add a Curves Adjustment Layer like in the following screen shot:

  5. Add a Photo Filter Adjustment Layer. Choose "Yellow" from the Filter menu and set the density to 34%. Keep the "Preserve Luminosity" box checked.
  6. Add the vignette using these instructions:
    - Create a new layer and place it above all the other layers
    - Fill the layer with white
    - On the top toolbar, go to Filter --> Distort --> Lens Correction
    - In the dialogue box that pops up, you only need to adjust one thing. Set the Vignette amount to -100%
    - Change the layer's blending mode to Multiply
  7. Add a layer mask to the Vignette layer, and using a basic brush, paint black over the area where the model is not located. This will also help keep the subject bright and in focus.
To see how simple this image really is, here is the Photoshop file. Please be aware that the file is very large, 29MB, so if you have a slow connection it will take quite a while to download. If when you click on the link you get a warning that you will navigate away from the page, ignore that, you will not be redirected to another site. The file is hosted on, but clicking it will not take you to their site.

Photoshop (.psd) file


The vignette, in my opinion, is a great action to have in Photoshop. A vignette or Holga effect can really tie an image together. It helps to give it a border without needing solid black lines around your photo. It's a very soft effect that is easily customizable.

Check back soon for more photography and scrapbook fun!

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