Monday, August 30, 2010


Ok so a site called Giveaway Scout wants to put my Etsy credit giveaway on their site. What this site does is search blogs for different giveaways and then compiles them into one place for people to find. It's actually pretty cool, a neat concept I hadn't thought of before. So I just wanted to share that with you :)

Onto other news: I am employed! I got my dream job: at Archiver's, a scrapbook supply store. I started on Saturday and worked late, so hopefully that will help my reputation there and get me lots of hours. I sure need them. I want my Macbook Pro back SO badly! I am so sick of this old thing. It's slow and every time I see a Macbook Pro or look-alike on t.v. (which is a LOT), I get so sad. One day I'll have that $1,280 to get it fixed. I hope to save at LEAST $100 from each paycheck. I am opening a savings account just for that. I miss my graphic design software SO much. Photoshop, Illustrator, iMovie, iPhoto...I miss it all. One day...I'll get it back. I hope to get it back by Christmas. That would be the BEST present ever. I am head over heels in love with my 17" Macbook Pro with glossy screen and my external hard drive named Sylar...

My scrapping suffers due to the lack of my Mac, as well. I can't edit photos as elaborately, can't split up 12x12 layouts and print them into fours and then connect them (that made no sense to you, I know, but I know what I mean!) so I can get exact measurements...and this computer gets viruses and malware and I'm just sick of it. And I don't have iTunes on this computer. I would have to reformat my iPod to work on a PC and it would erase all my songs. So I can't add new songs to my iPod now :( It's been that way since January. It sucks so bad, but I am happy to have a laptop to use in the mean time. It may be five years old but it still works. Trying to count my blessings here :)

Ok, back to some projects!

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  1. Hi Katie!

    I am soooo happy for you! Congrats with your new job! I thought it had to ba a reason for u not publishing so much of your work on I know all about crappy computers! They really don`t agree with me, hehe. So now i only have my laptop. Luckely it is fairly new so it handles itself well. The only promblem is that my oldest daughter puts in the one Sims game after the other and now it is starting to work slow. Hope i get a job soon too so i can afford to buy her, her own computer. And then maybe mine can be left alone, hehe.

    Hope you have a nice weekend, "talk" to you later!