Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Another Day...

I woke up sick yesterday (well it's still "today" to me). One of my parents woke me up at 10:30 to remind me I needed to be at work at I was saying, "I need to call and tell them I'll be late..." I get a call from work telling me that it's been slow and I don't need to come in until 2. That was awesome. When I got there basically I rang up orders, helped people occasionally, made a card, and made 4 kits for that card. We closed at 5 due to it being Labor Day. I was happy to have a short day though, being sick sucks.
I got $75 worth of Etsy orders today! One is for $52...100 mini 3x3 envelopes, my Prima-inspired flowers and butterflies, and an altered clipboard. Those things (clipboards) are selling like crazy! I'm going to the Dollar Tree today to get some more. I think they'll sell well at the craft fair as well, and I'm selling all my inventory of it on Etsy! So happy about that though. They're mini organizers, and I must say they're pretty cool :) I get $13 for each one, and they cost less than $4 to make at the most. Of course shipping is always free in my shop so I have that to consider but it's still a great profit to me considering the short amount of time it takes to put one together. Here's what one looks like:

I'm still itching to list more stuff on Etsy...I need that USB cable!

I am waiting for Michael's, Hobby Lobby, and the Dollar Tree to open to go shop. And the post office. I need to pick up some black sheets for my table covers at the craft fair, but those are 24 hours but I'd rather just do all my errands at once. Hopefully I can stay awake until then...if not I'll sleep through most of the day!

I also got an order for a dozen red paper roses arranged in a bouquet. Got $16 for it :)

Anyway, that's today's blog post. Leave a comment if you stopped by!

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