Sunday, October 3, 2010

TWS Mini Album

I am participating this month in my first TWS (TradeWind Scrappers) mini album swap. Here is my album! The theme is Celebrating Womanhood, so I made it very feminine and decided to go with a bit of a vintage feel. I am hopelessly addicted to vintage now that I've tried it so many times. Ahh, vintage. Graphic 45...mmm. Funny story about Graphic 45...I had a dream all my friends were boycotting Graphic 45 because they were coming out with a paper line based on sensuality and crazy is that? What's on MY mind huh? Anyway, here's the album, cover to cover with close ups.

Not sure what this bouquet is supposed to be for, but I bought it from and slapped it on here and loved it!

I used a Tim Holtz swivel clasp for the closure. I love it!

Button as a charm, and a butterfly charm that's been in my stash for months and months.

I made this flower...I LOVE IT!

It says "smile" underneath the tags.

On the right, that is a canvas coin envelope I made by taking apart an already-assembled paper one and tracing it.

I am OBSESSED with that calla lily flower! There's another coming up soon :)

Envelope mini.

I learned to make a new flower...there's two on the left page, I love them! They resemble Prima's camelot roses only better ;)

See, another calla lily!

Thanks for stopping by, leave a comment if you like!

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  1. Love, Love, Love this mini, Katie!! Such great elements hidden all through it!! Well done!!