Monday, April 23, 2012

Consumed: Mini Album and Discovering Scor-Tape

Hi friends! It's about time I wrote, huh?

Well I have actually been consumed with a mini album for Martica's cigar box and mini album swap. Next to my sister's 12x12 wedding scrapbook, my first book ever, this mini album has taken more time than any other project I've ever worked on. And I've been LOVING it! The box is presenting a problem as I lost the hardware to put it back together, but my dad wants me to take him to a cigar shop we used to live close to today so I can get a few new cigar boxes while I'm there. I'm not posting photos or doing a YouTube video of the album until I get the matching box finished, but here is a sneak peek at the album for Victoria.

The true colors are a mystery.... :)

Something else I wanted to blog about is Scor-Tape. I've heard of Scor-Tape for years but never thought much of it since there's always that red line tape that apparently is just as strong. Well, I was getting annoyed at the price and quantity of the red line and similar tapes at Michael's, so I Googled a comparison between Scor-Tape and other advertised super-strong adhesives. When I saw that the rolls have 27 yards of tearable-with-your-fingers tape, I instantly started searching online shops. I purchased a package of 1/4" Scor-Tape from a seller on Amazon and received my tape two days later. I have gone through quite a bit of it! It's strong and I don't have the part of the tape that you pull off to reveal the top sticky layer stuck to me in static cling. That red line tape stuff sticks to you like glue, and that's the part of the adhesive that's NOT adhesive! So I proudly just ordered a 1/2" roll, same thing with the amazing 27 yards of tape, of Scor-Tape so I don't run out of any when this thinner roll inevitably empties. I will try not to cry.

Next post I will show you the photos of the mason jar I altered for A Lil Scrap of Heaven's altered mason jar filled with goodies swap. I have the video on YouTube already so go take a peek if you haven't checked it out yet!

And one more photo, just for the heck of it: I found some old white eyeliner, and haphazardly decided to put it on. I actually did a good, doing well with applying makeup I haven't applied 30 times before! And my pearly whites just got cleaned at the dentist, so I was feelin' pretty good when I snapped this last photo.

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