Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Glimmer Mist!

If you didn't know, I am a Glimmer Mist fanatic. I'm obsessed. I bought my first bottle, Pashmina, back around October 2009. I now have the following colors:
1. Frozen Lake
2. English Ivy
3. Meadow Green
4. Wheatfields
5. Lemon Meringue6. Candlelight7. Mimosa
8. Scarlet
9. Pearl
10. Dazzling Diamonds
11. Iridescent Gold (homemade)
12. Coffee Shoo
13. Tattered Leather14. Slate
15. Brick
16. Vintage Pink
17. Viva Pink18. Pashmina
19. Tattered Rose
20. Timeless Lilac
21. Spring Violet
22. Lavender Fields
23. Denim Blue
24. Patina25. Midnight Blue
26. Bronze (homemade)
Midnight Blue is not in my hands yet, but is coming :) I just ordered the lovely stuff.

So how do you store this stuff? I used to keep it on my ribbon rack and my embellishment center from Making Memories, but I have too many bottles now (oh darn). So I emptied out a drawer and now keep it in there.

So I took hole reinforcements, stuck them on the lid, and sprayed them with the color. Now I can see from a glimpse what color is what. In addition, I took a 2-inch circle punch and punched out white cardstock circles. I sprayed each one with a color of Glimmer Mist, and wrote the name of the color on it. I punched a hole through each circle and attached them all on a 1-inch binder ring. So now I have swatches of every color at my fingertips!


  1. Hey have to buy Pomegranate!!! I bought it yesterday and love it!!

  2. Oh, that's next on my list then! Thanks Kima :)

  3. What a great collection of mists! How fun!

  4. Oh I love my glimmer mist!!! I have 95+ bottles of it!!!! no kidding you can see a pic on my blog, lol...