Friday, June 25, 2010

Swap Manic & Some Random Thoughts

In my search for new swaps, I wandered over to I found swaps! It's really weird navigating the site since I spend so much time over at, but the ladies are nice and the swaps are good. I think I'm in 4 or 5 is in the mail, another is done. Being unemployed has done wonders for my crafting. Though not buying scrappy stuff is killing me! But I'm knocking these swaps out like feels good!

On a good note, I have a babysitting interview in one week. It pays well so I am really hoping it comes through!

What has been helping though is my doctor gave me more Vicodin for my jaw pain (it's related to tooth issues). That stuff not only kills the pain, but makes me creative. Not sure how that works but it's a nice perk :) Soon, hopefully, I can get these tooth problems taken care of and get off the pain meds. Though I will miss the inspiration the pain meds give me. Guess I need to learn to inspire myself naturally! So what do I have to share...

Oh, I've been using my Tim Holtz Alterations Heart Wings die like mad yesterday and today. I'm putting my Cuttlebug through the ringer using this thick chipboard (which can break the machine, so I'm pressing my luck) but from now on I am going to use cardstock to finish off my grunge tags. I have to make 26 of them for a swap on SCS. So far that die has been wonderful. I can't wait to buy more! What don't I want to buy, though? I'm an addict, what can I say.

Here is my latest YouTube video, my process on embossing the heart wings I cut out. It looks SO much cooler in person, trust me. The texture is unbelievable.

And here is a video summing up my latest projects:

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