Thursday, December 15, 2011

Fun Flowers and Sprays!

Hey scrappers! I have a few things I'd love to share with you because they make me happy :)

I've finally accepted that my depression and anxiety disorder are disabilities and finding a job where this disability won't get in the way will be hard. So in the meantime, I've been trying to add more scrappy goodies to my Etsy store for a little income. I have three new items listed that I'm pretty excited about!

Vintage European Lace Flower

I love how simple this flower was to make. It's just strips of lace layered on top of each other! The cream and red laces are vintage from Ireland. Vintage European lace? Yes, please! You can check this out at the store here.


Denim, Lace, and Tulle Flower

This creation was pretty time-consuming...I think it took over 2 hours. This is largely due in part to the fact that I lost my $30 scissors and the ones I'm using don't cut denim very well. That part took quite awhile! Oh, before I forget, I need to thank my mom for giving me a pair of her jeans to slice up! Then it was all a game of arranging the denim, lace, and tulle. And it took me quite awhile to decide how many pearls to put in the center. And if I should add feathers and/or a leaf. The decisions we make! But I finally finished this and am very happy with it. It's quite heavy and very fluffy. Check it out on Etsy here.


Red and Gold Rose Flower Spray
I watched a great tutorial from Psychomoms on YouTube (link to tutorial: here!). So glad I found her channel, I love it. Anyway, this "spray" turned out to be more of a cluster and no, those aren't glue strings you see, they're fibers ;) I promise it's more obvious in person! I made the flower in the middle from Glimmer Misted and painted Tim Holtz paper (the pink and blue paper stack), and the red rosebuds came from the floral section at Hobby Lobby. The little white ribbon rosebuds (look closely) came from the wedding section at Joann's Etc. I've had those for a few years and still have quite a bit left. And if you're looking for a good place to buy very reasonably priced pearl strands like I used in this ($1.99 for 24 yards! Even I can afford that!), check out this awesome site I order from whenever I can: You can get more details about this spray in my store here.

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  1. Katie, it's so nice to see you in the blogging world again! Love your beautiful floral creations! Off to check out your etsy!

  2. Katie these are just beautiful creations! Thank you so very much for your kind comment on my blog the other day!!!

    Don't you just love creating flowers? They are some of my favorite embellies to make too!