Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(Literal) Scrapping Pains!

A few posts ago I titled my post "Scrapping Pains." Well, there's more.

What has scrapping done to me? Carpal tunnel in my wrists and now I have to wear Ace bandages around my ankles to protect the skin. I sit with my legs crossed over each other (when I was little we called sitting like this "Indian style") in my big leather desk chair, and you can see on the leather where the finish has rubbed off and is discolored from my ankles resting there. I will spare you the photos of what they look like. When I stand up from scrapping, my mom will gasp if she sees the outside of my ankles and feet because it looks like they've been burned severely. It finally started getting painful so I am now wearing bandages to protect the skin on my ankles. I feel like an athlete who sits and creates :)

These are the braces I wear when I sleep to keep my wrists straight and the median nerves unrestricted (this is a reversed photo, like looking in a mirror...the hand on the left is really my left hand, not my right):

And here are the bandages on my ankles:

There must be a name for this...oh, right, it's called being an obsessed scrapper! :)


  1. I've slept with wrist braces for about 6 years now due to the carpal tunnel I developed in high school...They're not that fashionable, but, man! Do they make a difference!

  2. oh boy Katie you do have it bad hey? :) I hope you get some relief soon!!