Monday, May 28, 2012

What's New?

Hi friends! So I finally finished all the calendars I had in mind. These are mini calendars that are perfect for a number of projects. I have one set for 2012, a fill-in calendar that I can send you for free (just comment with your e-mail), and a set for 2013. Go to my Zibbet shop at to check them out! The pre-numbered calendars are $3 each.

I'm also running a special in my shop: until I raise $20, the minimum donation to the ASPCA, 20% of every order before taxes and shipping will go towards that $20 donation. According to the ASPCA, $20 will feed a homeless dog or cat for three weeks! I am super excited about donating to the ASPCA, I really wish I had the financial means to be part of their monthly donation club.

In my last post I mentioned some charms I made for some friends, one a loyal customer at my shop. Here are the turquoise charms I made for them:

This one was made for a client.

This one, with the daisy charms, was made for a high school/church friend's wife.

If you want to learn to make charms of your own, comment so I can see what kind of demand there is for a video tutorial :)

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  1. I would love to see a tutorial on those beautiful charms! Lovely!