Monday, October 3, 2016

Happily Ever After Wedding Mini Album

Last year my best friend got married and I made a mini album for her to put her pictures and memories in. It took me awhile to finish and when I was done it sat under my desk while I waited until I had enough money to mail it. Unfortunately my chair wheels hit the album and damaged it, so I've held onto it unsure of whether I should send it to her or not. I decided to pull it out and repair it the best I could and mail it to her in a few weeks. It's a great album, and I'm very proud of it and hope she likes it as much as I do!

The cover. This is an invisible hinge binding album that is 3.75" thick and weighs at least 4 pounds. I used the Primrose stack from DCWV and accessories from the Something Blue collection by Prima. Lots of I Am Roses on the front of this and chipboard pieces.

There are two tags missing from the left page in this photo but they tuck under the right panel. The right page is a waterfall photo mat.

On the left there is just a photo mat and a pocket for the tags sticking out on the left side. I have Life and Good popped up on dimensionals for some added interest. The right page has a photo mat that opens up to reveal three more mats inside. There are several tags tucked in behind it.

I love the page on the left with the banner. I made the photo corners myself with cardstock and washi tape, and they are functional! I have a few photo mats tucked in behind. On the right there is an envelope that holds more photo mats/tags and behind it are more tucked in.

This spread features 5 2x2" photo mats. I used glittered chipboard Thickers that did NOT want to stay on no matter what glue I used. After a TON of hot glue, they are finally stuck. I made the yellow flower out of lace and costume satin.

The left page holds a 4-mat photo mat and tags that tuck into the paper on the bottom. On the right there are 3 photo mats.

On the left is a lace pocket for tags. On the right is a photo mat that has many places for pictures and a few coordinating tags.

Finally we have the last pages! Where the paper clip is on the left is an opening photo mat with space behind it for more tags. On the right I used white and gold (it looks purple) ribbon to make a pocket for more photo mats and tags.

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