Saturday, September 24, 2016

Art Journal Pages 1-3

Last year I started art journaling. I'm not sure what inspired me to start, but I was low on scrapbook supplies and needed a creative outlet. I took a break for awhile but have been back at it for a few months now and I can't get enough of it. I want to share my latest 3 pages with you!

In my last post I mentioned being obsessed with circles thanks to Maremismallart on YouTube. I decided to do a whole page of them! This was a messy page to make since I used my fingers to lay down the base layer of colors. After that it was a lot of stenciling and bubble wrap stamping. To make the circles I traced circular objects like a water bottle cap and a cup, and some others I just drew out in gesso. That's the first step, gesso your circles. It makes sure the paint you put on top of it is more opaque. After that I just took various paint colors I had poured out on a paper plate and used circular motions with my fingers to swirl the paint on, not worrying about mixing the colors together. My favorite circle is the one on the left in the middle. I just can't get enough of the color combo I created on accident! All my words are Tim Holtz rub ons which you can find here. Rub ons are SO my jam these days! My hand-lettering isn't so awesome so these are great in place of handwriting. Plus, I can't seem to find a black paint pen that won't crap out on me after a week (yep, I've tried Sharpie paint pens, two of them). Once I can buy some more transparencies I will be able to make my own rub ons (tutorial to come!). There is so much freedom in making your own personal rub ons.

Ok, this is one of my favorites! Lots of my friends and family loved it too. It's a total knockoff of My Arty Heart's version on YouTube found here. So thank you for the inspiration, My Arty Heart! This looks harder than it really was. First I lay down color in the background with my fingers (I like avoiding brush strokes). Then it was stencil time! I used a really cool stencil from The Crafter's Workshop (found here on Amazon) with hexagons, circles and stars. After that I just drew some oval shapes in pencil and took some more paint and brushed around the shapes. When you do this you can use one color or several and blend them around. At this point all that's left to do is outline your flowers and add any doodling or finishing touches you like! I love using white pen with black as it really adds some great contrast. If you need a white pen recommendation I really like Gelly Roll from Sakura (6-pack found here). It still works after lots of use!

This is my version of Nika in Wonderland's mixed media faces. Hers are much cooler and better drawn, but this one is mine :) To start I lay down some magenta, yellow, and aqua paint with my fingers. I used it pretty sparingly after priming my page with gesso (I always, always prime with gesso). Then I started drawing. Eyes can be tricky to draw and I seemed to have forgotten what I learned from Jane Davenport's book Drawing and Painting Beautiful Faces, haha. Her book on how to draw faces is fabulous and I highly recommend it. Anyway, I added some stenciling and drew in the hair. I used two shades of grey and one purple to make a few shadows and color the hair. I ended up using some Lindy Stamp Gang Magicals to add the green color on the top left. It didn't blend in well so I used my finger, which I do not recommend doing un-gloved...those things really stain skin! At the very end of this I took some white gesso and went over a couple of areas to add contrast and interest. Overall I like it, I just wish my eye was better shaped!

I hope you enjoyed the post and found some inspiration from where I did, too. There are amazing artists out there to get you in the mood for creating so never stop seeking them out. The talent pool is incredible!

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