Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Crazy Galaxy Art Journal Page With Video #5

I am really, really excited about this art journal page. The background turned out better than I expected it to. I honestly could have gone a different direction with the magazine cut outs but I can always do another galaxy background, it was so fun! To learn how to make your own galaxy background with acrylic paints, visit the Dramatic Parrot on YouTube!

So, secret time. My larger art journal pages are all done on old cereal box cardboard. This particular one is a Honey Nut Cheerios box :) I have no idea really how I'm going to bind them all together when I'm done, but for now they work well. I just make sure to gesso each side, especially the side with graphics, so the base doesn't show through. I posted the process video on YouTube, so be sure to go check it and my channel out! You can find the video right here: click me!

One thing I need to work on is my doodling. I stifle my creativity with my left brain quite a bit, so it takes a lot of inspiration to get me going. For this page all it took was seeing a journal page with magazine clippings and a tutorial on painting a galaxy background, but sometimes I have to look for awhile to find something that hits the right spot in my head.

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