Saturday, September 24, 2016

Collaged Mixed Media Cat Canvas

I was browsing Pinterest for some inspiration on a new canvas to make and I came across this adorable decoupaged cat. I had to make my own!

And this is my version! I had a lot of fun with it. I went with a kitten silhouette since I wanted something cutesy. Collaging the cat silhouette was a bit tedious but I love how it turned out. I used some old Mariposa paper and some random sheets I found in my stash from who knows where and a few random paper die cuts.

For the background I used Apple Barrel's Velvet Crush violet. I had originally had orange, yellow and burgundy at the top but I painted over it. Then I added some Inka Gold in Yellow Gold* (I LOVE Inka Gold, it's so thick and opaque, and metallic!) but it didn't look very cohesive so I added more Velvet Crush on top to take it down a notch. It made it blend better. I used Inka Gold on the edges to give it a border. I then used various circular objects to stamp circles in white paint. I used yellow, orange, purple and white to paint a few of the circles. I became obsessed with circles when I saw what Marta Lapkowska from Maremismallart on YouTube did with them in several videos. If you want art journal or mixed media inspiration, please check her channel and blog out, she is very talented and fun to watch!

I have many more canvas/art journal pages to share in the coming days...I am obsessed with it and if you're in a rut creatively it is definitely something to try!

*This is not an affiliate link, it is just for your reference to learn a little about the product and get an idea on the price.

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