Monday, June 18, 2012

Craft Show Preparation!

So I finally got my application mailed off to the Westfield Band Boosters for them to decide on my entry into the craft show. I have no idea how long it will take to get a response back but I am eagerly waiting to hear! If it's a no, I'll be disappointed but there's another fair I can apply to get into. If that's a bust, well let's just say my Zibbet shop is getting a LOT of new inventory! So far these are the types of items I have made (pictures will follow eventually LOL):

  • Skinny Notepads with Covers & Pens
  • Jr. Legal Notepads with Covers & Pens
  • Post-It Note Holders with Pens
  • Altered Composition Notebooks
  • Altered Mini Composition Notebooks
  • Desktop Calendars
  • Altered Mini Clipboard Organizers
  • Teacher Gifts
  • Kids' "What I did each day for a week" Journals
  • 2-5-7-10 Gift Bags
  • Bag-in-a-Boxes (like gift bags)
  • Regular Clipboard Organizers
  • Christmas Card Sets with Boxes and Envelopes
  • Greeting Cards
  • Gift Card Holders
  • Lip Gloss Holders
  • Floral Hair Clips
  • Clear Stone Refrigerator Magnets
  • File Folder Organizers
  • Homemade Dog Treats in Origami Boxes
My mom is also helping me with some mason jar decorations. They're filled with epsom salts and have a tea light candle in the middle. We're going to wrap wide lace or ribbons/bows around the jars. I also plan on making some treat items, like Snowman Soup or Reindeer Food. I'm saving the food stuff for closer to the November show date.

This upcoming weekend is the Fishers Freedom Festival, a huge festival in the town I grew up in. They have lots of vendors selling various items so my mom and I are going to go check out the prices and types of items people are selling. It'll also give me a chance to ask some questions of the veteran vendors!

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