Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Method to Madness

A couple of months ago my mom and I were both wanting to read The Hunger Games so bad. When I found it on for less than $9 including shipping, we went ahead and ordered it. After it took weeks to arrive, I let my mom have it first. For some reason I haven't been in the mood to sit and read lately. So I got the audio book and am almost done with it. Listening to a book is a great thing to do while I scrap! So if you enjoy audio books, too, you should give it a try if you don't get so distracted with your scrapping that you're not paying attention to the narration. My mind is weird and can focus on both what I'm doing with my hands and the words I'm hearing perfectly. I'm sure lots of people are the same way.

But unless I'm struggling with a project, I don't do a lot of active thinking when I scrap. I think that's why I can listen to the t.v. or an audio book and not miss a word. And yet I get compliments on my work all the time. My dad says I subconsciously just know what looks good and do it without actively thinking it. He analyzes everything I make and tells me what I did right artistically, and I always say, "I just put it together, I didn't think about the red contrast with the rest of the card, honestly." And it goes beyond color combinations which are pretty elementary in the art world as far as finding what looks good together when we're scrapbooking. My dad says the other elements of what I do show, and I have no idea why something looks good, I just keep working until it looks finished. This is what my dad calls my talent. Maybe it is...

Anyway, yesterday this is what I made while I listened to The Hunger Games. All these are for sale in my Zibbet shop (click the long banner to the left!):

Altered wooden trinket box

Another view. The top is padded with batting underneath the satin fabric.

Five petal flowers made with costume satin. For someone who can't sew worth a lick I'm pretty proud ;)
I used the largest circle from the Sizzix Circles #2 die for each petal.

The same as the previous flowers but bigger. I used a glass
bowl as my circle template. I accidentally stained the rim with
Sharpie. Oops!

Well I'm back to listening to my book. I can't write and listen at the same time, that talent is not one I possess :)

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