Saturday, June 16, 2012


I have a new obsession. And surprisingly, it's not scrappy! It's yogurt mixed with Special K Low Fat Granola cereal. Oh my goodness I am averaging 3 cups a day! Mixing the cereal with the $0.39 yogurt from Aldi is a lot cheaper than buying the yogurt that comes with granola in the top part of the cap. And it's low-fat granola with low-fat yogurt so it's pretty healthy. My favorite flavor is strawberry banana, but I like strawberry and vanilla, too.

My latest scrapbooking obsession is washi tape. Washi tape looks a lot like ribbon, and I love that it's self-adhesive and I can get more yardage at a better price than ribbon. Of course I can't tie bows with washi tape, but when I need ribbon to just line across a page or project, washi tape is a great alternative! A good place to get washi tape is from an Etsy shop run by an affluent YouTuber named Drew. The link is right here: I only have two rolls but am already HOOKED! So check out washi tape, you might get hooked, too!

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