Thursday, June 7, 2012

My First Layouts Since My Scrapping Return!

So I finally got into making layouts again! I have only made one double layout since I got back into scrapping, and that was for someone else in a swap. But I've made four in the last week or so, and it feels so good! Ready to see them? Let's go!

The first layout was inspired by Lisa over at What a Beautiful Mess. I lifted her layout featuring the faux envelope she did a great tutorial on. She also has a tutorial on faux scrabble letters, which I used for the title. She graciously let me do a video version of the tutorial which you can find on my YouTube channel (link in the sidebar).

I live in the Indianapolis suburbs and this year the Super Bowl was here in Indy! So the Friday before the game two friends and I went downtown to enjoy the festivities going on. We had a lot of fun! My favorite thing was the roman numerals, XLVI, in Monument Circle. They were HUGE and acted as a projection screen for videos. It was so cool!

Flower on left made by me, flowers on right from That's me standing in front of the numerals.

I used Lisa's faux scrabble technique for the title. I also added some eyelets, which I've never done on a layout before! Love my Crop a Dile Big Bite :)

This is the faux envelope I learned to make from Lisa's tutorial.

I colored the top rose from I Am Roses. As you can tell it was white :) I painted it with Brick Glimmer Mist.

I made this flower with Tim Holtz's Tattered Florals die. It's made up of costume satin, lace, and tulle. And a giant button :)

"Agape" here is pronounced "uh-GAH-pay" and it's a Greek word meaning the highest form of love. It's the type of love between families, and the type of love God has for us. The picture is hard to see, but I've looked at it so many times it didn't really matter if it was real clear. I remember that moment clearly and I think I always will. My dad had been in the hospital for a week, then was transferred to an inpatient physical rehab center for almost three weeks. He had gained 40 pounds in pure water weight from a change in meds and he was bloated to the max, barely able to move, water literally seeping through his skin. But despite his uncomfortable condition, he was so excited to have my brother and me visit him. I asked my brother to take a picture of us and when I walked over to lean down, my dad grabbed my arm and held on with his hand and kept me close as he smiled widely. He was truly happy, and it was just because we were there.

I have brown and "rockstar red" hair at the moment :) The tips are all red and I have several streaks throughout my hair as well. I LOVE it! When I got back from the salon I took a bunch of pics with my computer's webcam photo program, Photobooth, to try and get a good picture of me with the new hair. I kept all the ones I didn't upload to Facebook and I ended up using them on this layout! I made each flower on this layout. The title is "My Version of a Dye It." :)

One night, just before Christmas, I noticed someone forgot to turn off the lights on the Christmas tree in our dining room. I decided to take some pictures of various ornaments. The only ornament that isn't sentimental is the ballerina, I'm not sure when we got that one, but I thought it was pretty and cute and decided to use it in my photographic experiment. I wasn't sure if the photos would turn out or not, but I was able to edit them in Photoshop and I love how they turned out!

This is a flower I made with Tim Holtz' Film Strip Ribbon and Canvas Ruler Ribbon. I used red beaded floral spray and two large floral leaves to accent it. A ribbon rose I bought at Michael's sits in the  center (I wish I could get the hang of making those myself!)

Again I used Lisa's faux Scrabble letter technique for the title. I'm low on Thickers and letters so  I've been using these a lot! :)
I hope you enjoyed looking the layouts, leave a comment if you stopped by! <3

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  1. Great layouts Katie...I love those scrabble tiles....I watched your yt tutorial on these and downloaded them too....thanks so much for sharing them!!